Unable to upload video with size > 10M

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Please advise:
After changing upload.file.maxSize value of symphony.properties to 100M, I still get 'over 10M' complaint when uploading a video with size > 10M.
Is the masSize right parameter to change? what could be wrong?


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  • w3llCh4n

    Show your nginx config.
    I guess client_max_body_size is default or < 10M.

  • godadada

    Thanks. Good to know you can set the size in nginx, but my setting in nginx is 12m. it looks like the 10m limit is from symphony, any idea where?

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  • w3llCh4n

    Post your symphony.properties.
    And what's the http response code?

  • godadada

    When upload size is over 10m, there is not network traffic, so no return status. When less than 10m, status 200.
    Below is my symphony.properties.


  • 88250

    It's a bug and has been fixed on master branch, thanks for your report.